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When is it Time to Update Your California Commercial Insurance Policy?

When you are running a business in California, you will have a number of worries on your mind on any given day. At the same time, you will be updating and upgrading your business on a regular basis in an effort to increase your revenue stream. When you are doing this, you’ll want to think about updating your California commercial insurance policy.

But when?

At QuoteBroker Insurance Services, we help Santa Clarita, CA business owners keep their commercial insurance policies up to date, and thorough. Here’s when you need to update yours.

Upgrades to Locations or Property

If you are making any updates at all to your space or building, you will need to make sure that those changes will be insured. Your existing commercial policy is covering a certain amount of space and buildings, and any changes will need to be covered as well.

When you are renovating, changing address, downsizing or upsizing in any way, or even adding a new computer system or network, you need insurance. 

You’ll need to update your commercial insurance policy when you update anything in your building or contents because you’ll want them covered. If you own the property, your insurance company may require it.

You Change the Plan of your Business

When you change the entire scope of your business, you’ll need to update your policy. Your California commercial insurance policy covers certain things. When those things change, you need to update the policy, or at least update your insurance broker.

If you are selling new products or doing something entirely different from what you started out with, you’ll need a new commercial insurance policy. Should you change management, add a board of directions, or alter the function of the business in any way, you should update your policy or purchase more insurance.

Get a Quote

When you are making changes to your business, you’ll need changes to your California commercial insurance. At QuoteBroker Insurance Services, we want Santa Clarita, CA business owners to feel secure with thorough commercial insurance policies. Call us for a quote to update your plans today.

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

If you are looking for a policy to protect your business, commercial insurance should be your first choice. But with the various requirements and coverage options for companies based within Santa Clarita, CA, a simple consultation can be a tricky ordeal, especially for first-time policy seekers. QuoteBroker Insurance Services highlights some essential items covered by commercial insurance to help with this.

Work-Related Injury

Accidents at the workplace often happen when you least expect them to, with some resulting in lawsuits. If your employees suffer any work-related injuries, workers’ compensation coverage offsets any medical costs for treating injuries and any legal fees you incur after unexpected mishaps.

Property Damage

If you or your employees get into an accident, commercial policies such as auto insurance will help pay for the costs of repair or replacement of your business vehicle. Other options such as commercial property insurance will offset any expenses you incur when your office equipment and items, such as furniture, get destroyed during events such as fire outbreaks.

Cyber Threats

Data breaches are a growing concern for businesses who store their data online, with cyber hacks estimated to cost businesses massive losses. To help keep your business out of such threats, cyber insurance provides coverage to companies that experience data breaches while also covering data retrieval costs. If you also experience legal damages from such an incident, cyber coverage takes care of your legal fees, along with any costs related to securing your site.

General Liability

Businesses may occasionally need to combine property damage and bodily injury into a single policy, an area that general liability insurance covers. In addition to this, general liability will also provide coverage when slander and libel claims occur, making it a worthwhile option for Santa Clarita, CA businesses.

For more information on how to protect your business from the above-listed emergencies, consider giving QuoteBroker Insurance Services a call. Our agents will take you through our vast range of commercial insurance options and guide you to your desired selection.

How to Update Your Commercial Insurance in Santa Clarita

Updating your commercial insurance in Santa Clarita, CA starts with asking some pivotal questions. Too many business owners will renew their insurance, never stop looking at the policy’s terms and how they might not mesh with their current operations anymore. QuoteBroker Insurance Services has a few tips so that you can get your policy up to speed. 

What’s Changed?

A new policy means that you need to factor in what might have changed between the last time you looked at it. What’s your customer volume like these days? More people means more chances for liability, so it helps to be prepared in that area. You may need to increase your liability limits or even check into an umbrella insurance policy to keep yourself protected. If you’re ordering more inventory or changed your business practices in any way, these are also good things to keep in mind when you’re creating a new contract. 

Who Are You Working With?

Some insurance companies are more communicative than others. They take the time to learn more about your business and how coverage can keep it protected. But others don’t have that same agenda. If you find yourself dreading the idea of reaching out to your carrier, then updating your commercial insurance could be as simple as switching companies. 

QuoteBroker Insurance Services is here to serve the many business owners of Santa Clarita, CA, and keep them protected from any number of potential events. Whether it’s an unexpected storm or a cybercrime, we can discuss several scenarios and what you can do to prepare for them. Give us a call today if you’re looking to update your commercial insurance coverage, so we can get the ball rolling.

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