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Why You Should File Your Worker’s Compensation Claim Quickly

Worker’s compensation insurance is essential for all companies operating in Santa Clarita, CA. How you use it is as essential as getting it to protect the interests of your companies and your workers. When you need to make a claim, QuoteBroker Insurance Services will be there for you to help you with the particulars.

Making the Most of your Worker’s Compensation Insurance

No one wants to see their employees hurt on the job. Unfortunately, mishaps are a common occurrence. While your employees have an obligation to report their work accidents as soon as possible, you also must report them promptly to your insurance company.m  Avoiding the task can put your policy at risk and protect you and your employees in multiple ways; avoiding the task leaves your business open to unnecessary risk. Bear in mind that your policy is there to protect you and not cause problems.

The Benefits of Prompt Accident Reporting

Some industries, such as the construction trades, have frequent accidents, both minor and major, that must be reported. The tendency is to overlook minor incidents, thinking the employee’s health insurance will solve the problem. However, if it occurs at work, you’re responsible. Consider the following benefits for prompt reporting:

  • Employees get the prompt medical attention they require
  • Reduces the cost of the claim
  • Keeps employees happy and boosts morale
  • Reduces the chance of violating state law
  • Avoids state penalties and fees for late filing

No one wants to endure an injury, least of all someone who sustains one on the job. Worker’s compensation insurance is available to help keep everyone healthy. Ask the agents at QuoteBroker Insurance Services, serving Santa Clarita, CA, how to get an economical policy that serves the needs of your industry and its employees.

Get More Liability Protection With Umbrella Insurance

Do you have all of the liability coverage that you need? Chances are that you don’t. Many people get the minimum amount of liability coverage in their home and auto policies because it can be so expensive to add more to both policies. However, there’s another way to add more liability coverage to these policies. You can do that with an umbrella insurance policy.

To get one of these policies for your own protection, call us at QuoteBroker Insurance Services in Santa Clarita, CA. 

Get Better Liability Coverage

With better liability coverage, you are better protected against huge medical bills and many lawsuits. It’s important to have this extra liability coverage in case a serious accident happens that comes with a lot of medical bills. Medical costs are always going up, and it can be extremely expensive to pay for someone else’s medical bills. It can leave you in financial shambles. That’s why you need more liability coverage just in case. 

How It Works

Both your home and auto policies have different types of coverage in them, and one of these is liability coverage. When there’s a serious accident, and your home or auto policy maxes out when paying the medical bills, this can leave an overage. That overage would be yours to pay. However, if you had umbrella insurance this policy would come in after the home and auto policies and pay that overage. Umbrella policies have very high maximum payouts so that all of the overages can be paid. Despite the high amount of coverage in them, umbrella policies are very inexpensive. 

Get An Umbrella Policy

It’s important to have as much liability insurance as you can. It’s essential coverage that can save you financially. To be protected by an umbrella policy, call us at QuoteBroker Insurance Services in Santa Clarita, CA. 

Decoding Health Insurance Jargon: A Layman’s Guide

Navigating the realm of health insurance can feel like deciphering a complex language. Understanding the jargon is vital for making informed decisions about your healthcare coverage. Let QuoteBroker Insurance Services, serving the greater Santa Clarita, CA area, demystify some common health insurance terms, making it easier for you to comprehend your policy.

Decoding Health Insurance 

Premium: Your Membership Fee

The premium is the amount you pay for your health insurance coverage. It’s typically a monthly fee, and paying it ensures that your policy remains active.

Deductible: Your Initial Financial Responsibility

The deductible is the amount you must pay out of pocket for covered services before your insurance kicks in. For example, if your deductible is $1,000, you’ll cover that amount before your insurer starts sharing the costs.

Co-Payment (Co-Pay): Your Share of Service Costs

A co-payment is a fixed amount you pay for a covered service, usually due at the time of service. For instance, your plan might require a $20 co-pay for each doctor’s visit.

Co-Insurance: Sharing Costs with Your Insurer

Co-insurance is the percentage of costs you share with your insurance company after you’ve met your deductible. If your plan has 20% co-insurance, you’ll pay 20% of covered expenses, and your insurer covers the rest.

Out-of-Pocket Maximum: Your Cost Limit

The out-of-pocket maximum is the most you’ll have to pay for covered services in a plan year. Once you reach this limit, your insurance covers all remaining costs.

Have Questions? Consult With Us

Understanding these fundamental terms empowers you to make informed choices about your health coverage. If ever in doubt, don’t hesitate to reach out to QuoteBroker Insurance Services, serving Santa Clarita, CA for clarification. Call us today with questions or to purchase a new policy.

Does auto insurance cover my injuries too?

Many Santa Clarita, CA drivers choose to carry only the minimum amount of auto insurance coverage in an effort to save money. Some of them don’t realize how limited minimal insurance actually is. 

Liability Coverage

If you only carry basic liability insurance, you are basically protecting anyone you might injure during an accident. If you are found to be at fault in an auto accident, your insurance will pay for the victim’s damages and medical bills up to your policy limits.

Your own injuries will not be covered unless you have additional coverage. Your own passengers are not usually covered under your liability policy. At QuoteBroker Insurance Services, we can help you find coverage to protect yourself too.

Protecting Yourself and Your Passengers

There are several options for paying your own medical bills in an accident. If you are not at fault, or if you were only partially at fault, the other driver’s insurance may pay for all or part of your bills.

Sometimes your own insurance will pay for your medical bills, but there are also times when your personal health insurance will argue that it is not responsible for certain injuries sustained as part of an auto accident.

Med Pay or Medical Payments Coverage is a special kind of insurance you can purchase that will pay medical bills and funeral expenses for you and your passengers. This special coverage can also be used if you or your family member is an injured passenger in someone else’s car or a pedestrian.

We Are Here To Help

Santa Clarita, CA drivers have a lot of options. After you decide what kind of coverage you want, you can choose your level of coverage and deductible. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your policy, please call QuoteBroker Insurance Services today.

Four things you might not realize about commercial insurance

At QuoteBroker Insurance Services, we provide commercial insurance to business owners in Valencia, CA. If you own a business, it’s essential for you to meet your commercial insurance needs. 

A lot of business owners don’t realize how important it is to carry commercial insurance.

Here are four things you might not realize about commercial insurance:

Commercial insurance is not always optional.

Commercial insurance is not always optional; it’s often legally required. For instance, workers’ compensation insurance is mandated in many states, and lenders may require property insurance. Non-compliance can lead to legal penalties or the denial of financing.

All commercial insurance providers are not the same.

Not all commercial insurance providers are the same. They vary in terms of coverage options, customer service, pricing, and industry expertise.

Choosing the right provider is crucial as it impacts your business’s financial protection. Careful research and consideration of your specific business needs are essential to finding an insurer that can tailor a policy to your requirements and provide the support your business deserves.

Business owners have a lot of choices when it comes to commercial insurance.

Business owners face numerous choices when crafting a commercial insurance policy that suits their company’s unique requirements. These decisions encompass coverage types, limits, deductibles, and endorsements, ensuring the policy aligns precisely with the business’s operations, risks, and budget constraints.

Carrying commercial insurance can benefit your employees.

Commercial insurance benefits a company’s employees by providing workers’ compensation coverage. This ensures that if employees are injured or fall ill on the job, they receive medical care and financial support, promoting their well-being and job security.

Reach Out To Us

Learn more about commercial insurance in Valencia, CA by giving us a call at QuoteBroker Insurance Services. Get in touch with us for a quote on a commercial insurance policy. 

Own a Small Business? Be Sure Your Workers’ Compensation Policy Is Sufficient

If you’re a small business owner in Santa Clarita, CA or the surrounding area, you can count on QuoteBroker Insurance Services. Let us help you protect your business and keep it growing for many years to come.

Now’s a Good Time to Review Your Workers’ Compensation Policy

Workers’ compensation is an important part of every business’s insurance portfolio. It helps to protect you and your employees in the event of an injury-causing accident. There’s no reason why your company shouldn’t have the protection it needs. As your firm grows over time, it’s likely that your workers’ comp policy will need to change too. The right time to find out about increasing your policy is before you need additional coverage. There’s nothing more upsetting than finding out your company is underinsured after an accident has happened.

When you take the proactive step to review and increase your policy as necessary, you’ll be ready for whatever the future brings. Regular reviews of all of your policies are another good idea. It’s advisable to fully review your firm’s entire insurance portfolio at least once a year. This will ensure that your company and your employees have the necessary protection. Without the right coverage, a simple accident could turn into a catastrophic event with significant implications for the health and future of the company. Don’t let this happen to you; contact your local agent today to schedule a review.

Schedule a consultation today and find out more!

QuoteBroker Insurance Services is proud to serve the Santa Clarita, CA business community. If you have questions about your workers’ comp policy or any other type of commercial insurance, we’re there to help. Give us a call today and schedule a consultation to learn more.

The benefits of umbrella insurance

Umbrella insurance from QuoteBroker Insurance Services is an additional layer of protection that can provide you with significant coverage in the event of a major accident. It is often used here in the Santa Clarita, CA area to supplement existing liability policies and can help protect your finances if you get hit with a large settlement or judgment. While umbrella insurance may seem like an unnecessary expense, it can actually be beneficial in the long run. 

The benefits of umbrella insurance

For starters, umbrella insurance provides increased financial security in the event of an unexpected legal battle. If you are sued for damages that exceed what your regular liability coverage covers, you could be responsible for paying the difference out of pocket. With umbrella insurance, however, any judgments or settlements will be covered up to the policy limits; this means that there’s no need to worry about blowing through your savings to cover unexpected costs. 

Umbrella insurance also covers more than just legal expenses; it can protect you from a variety of different situations. For instance, if someone slips and falls on your property and requires medical attention, umbrella insurance can help pay for their medical bills and related costs. It can also provide protection from libel or slander suits as well as other personal liability claims so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with hefty damages if something goes wrong. 

In short, having umbrella insurance gives you extra peace of mind knowing that when accidents happen, you won’t have to bear all the financial burden yourself. The added coverage comes at a relatively small cost compared to the potential savings it can provide down the line which makes it well worth considering adding to your existing policy.

We Can Help!

For more information, give us at QuoteBroker Insurance Services a call today. We serve the Santa Clarita, CA area proudly.

Tips to lose a few extra pounds

With the bathing suit season in full swing, people are looking for ways to lose a few extra pounds here in the Santa Clarita, CA area.

Here are a few tips from us at QuoteBroker Insurance Services that may help:

1. Cut down on processed foods

Eating processed foods like canned goods, frozen meals, and pre-made snacks can quickly add up in calories and unwanted fat. Try to cut these out of your diet and substitute them with healthier options like fruits and veggies.

2. Increase your physical activity

 Increasing physical activity can be an easy way to start losing weight. Take a 30-minute walk every day or sign up for a gym membership and commit to going several times a week. This will help burn more calories and increase your energy levels as well! 

3. Drink lots of water

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day helps flush out toxins from your body which can result in fewer cravings for sugary snacks or high-calorie drinks. Water also helps give you an added boost of energy! 

4. Make healthy meal choices

When eating out or grocery shopping, make sure to opt for healthier alternatives like lean proteins, whole grains, vegetables, etc. Avoid things like fried foods as they are often loaded with unhealthy fats that can add extra calories quickly! 

Keep Your Health Insurance Updated

By following these simple tips, you can easily shed some extra pounds and stay fit during the summer season! For more tips, give us at QuoteBroker Insurance Services a call today. We are proud to serve the Santa Clarita, CA area and would be happy to help you find a health insurance policy that meets both your needs and your budget.

What Does Auto Insurance Cover?

The agents at QuoteBroker Insurance Services serving the Santa Clarita, CA area are touting the importance of having an adequate amount of auto insurance in place.

In the state of California, all drivers must have a minimum amount of auto liability insurance in place to be able to legally drive a motor vehicle.

Auto Liability Insurance

An auto liability insurance policy will provide protection for any injuries or damage that you cause to other people or their property if an accident occurs that is your fault.

Collision Coverage

This type of insurance coverage provides protection if your vehicle is damaged because you had a collision with another vehicle or a stationary object. This type of coverage can help you pay for repairs or even the replacement of your vehicle.

Comprehensive Coverage

This type of coverage provides protection against damage to your vehicle caused by certain events, including a theft incident, an act of vandalism, a fire, or some sort of natural disaster.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

This type of auto insurance coverage provides protection if you are involved in an accident with a driver who does not have insurance or does not have enough insurance to cover the damages and medical bills.

Other Options

From personal injury protection and rental car coverage to roadside assistance and so many more, there are other auto insurance coverage options you can choose from.

Contact Us Today

To create the very best auto insurance policy, you can connect with the experienced and trusted auto insurance agents at QuoteBroker Insurance Services serving the Santa Clarita, CA area. Call today for a quote and to get your policy started.

California Commercial Insurance: Are You Prepared?

California businesses face a wide range of risks, from natural disasters to liability claims. As such, it’s essential to ensure that your business is prepared with the right commercial insurance coverage. QuoteBroker Insurance Services, a trusted provider of commercial insurance in Santa Clarita, CA, can help businesses understand their insurance needs and find the right coverage to protect their assets.

Commercial Insurance in California

One of the most critical types of commercial insurance for California businesses is liability insurance. Liability insurance can protect businesses against legal claims arising from injuries, property damage, or other incidents that occur on their premises. Without adequate liability insurance, businesses could face significant financial losses and even bankruptcy. QuoteBroker Insurance Services can work with businesses in Santa Clarita, CA to determine their liability insurance needs and find policies that provide comprehensive coverage.

Another important type of commercial insurance for California businesses is property insurance. Property insurance can protect businesses against losses resulting from damage or destruction of their physical assets, such as buildings, equipment, and inventory. This type of insurance is particularly important in California, where businesses are at risk of earthquakes, wildfires, and other natural disasters. QuoteBroker Insurance Services can help businesses find property insurance policies that provide the right level of coverage for their specific needs.

Finally, businesses in California should also consider cyber liability insurance. With the rise of cyber threats, such as hacking and data breaches, businesses are at risk of losing sensitive information and facing legal claims from customers or employees. Cyber liability insurance can provide coverage for these risks, including legal fees, notification costs, and other expenses associated with a data breach. Our team understands our clients’ cyber liability insurance needs and can help find policies that provide adequate coverage.

Reach Out To Us!

California businesses must be prepared for a wide range of risks, including liability claims, property damage, and cyber threats. QuoteBroker Insurance Services can help businesses in Santa Clarita, CA understand their commercial insurance needs and find policies that provide comprehensive coverage. By working with a trusted insurance provider like QuoteBroker Insurance Services, businesses can ensure that they are prepared for whatever challenges come their way.

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