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What do I need to do to enroll in Medicare? Exact instructions on how to sign up

  If you came here for a comprehensive account of Medicare and its rules, regulations and requirements, you've come to the wrong place. You can find our 3,000 word manifesto on that topic here. Here we are going to be a bit more brief- less than 600 words.  This post details EXACTLY what you need to do to transition from individual insurance to Medicare, start... Read Article

Anthem Blue Cross (all but) pulling out of California

      The lead was certainly the 12.5% average rate increase for CoveredCA health plan holders, but the more shocking revelation from the CoveredCA press release this morning was the announcement that Anthem will withdraw from 16 of 19 regions in California. The 3 remaining regions are 1, 7 and 10, the counties belonging to which can be found here.  Region 1 includes the... Read Article

Blue Shield

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Losing your coverage? Your deadline to get a new plan is earlier than you think.

As we march through the dog days of summer, our office has been processing a lot of Special Enrollment health insurance applications lately. Whereas anyone can apply in November through February's Open Enrollment, Special Enrollment is limited to those with a Qualifying Event.  These are things like marriage, divorce, birth, returning to the US from abroad, or losing your existing coverage, among others. While you... Read Article