Quotebroker jointly hosting Santa Clarita Chamber of Commerce’s “2016 ACA Regulation and Employment Law Update”

On October 14, 2015 Quotebroker is proud to co-host the Santa Clarita Chamber’s 2016 update on ACA regulations and employment law.  Together with Brian Koegle of Poole and Shaffery, LLP and Matteo Dinolfo, MD, medical director at UCLA Health, Quotebroker will present: The latest ACA regulations, administrative guidelines and penalties Healthcare system reforms 2015/16 employment law update, including minimum wage changes and potential effects on... Read Article

Avoiding Obamacare: How to Avoid the Penalty Tax While Remaining Covered

Obamacare Open Enrollment starts October 1- just a few days from now. For many people, that day has been long anticipated as a day marking the enrollment in improved plan designs and premium subsidy payments from the government.  Others who may not be so positively affected by the changes are indifferent or even actively against health care reform.  Do you want to avoid new Obamacare... Read Article

Obamacare 101: Health Care Reform FAQ – en Español

Not to be outdone, the Kaiser Family Foundation has released their popular Health Care reform video guide in Spanish as well. Watch as “Los YouToons Se Preparan Para Obamacare.” Spanish-speaking consumers will go from “know-nothing” to “Know-it-all” in just seven minutes. Further questions/preguntas? Ask away! If you prefer to receive your options over the phone, simply dial 866-SUBSIDY or 800-783-0802... Read Article

Friday Free Read: Will Obamacare help small businesses? The Wall Street Journal weighs in

What happens when you mix a Senior Fellow at one of the foremost political thinktanks with an MIT professor of economics? A Wall Street Journal article, of course. Michael D Tanner, Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, and Jonathan Gruber, Professor of Economics at MIT, both weighed in on the Affordable Care Act in an article for the Wall Street Journal this week.  The topic?... Read Article

Big news for employers- ACA’s “Employer Mandate” implementation delayed until 2015

Big news just released by the Obama administration. The “Employer Mandate”, the provision of the ACA which requires employers with 50+ employees to offer coverage, has been delayed until 2015. While the vast majority of businesses larger than 50 employees already offer coverage, this is going to greatly affect those that do not. For employers, this is good news. With the penalty for not providing... Read Article