Short Term Health Insurance Coverage

A short term health insurance plan provides you with up to 12 months of temporary health insurance coverage. Short term insurance should not be a substitute for permanent long term medical coverage. Short term health insurance is most often used for:

  • Replacing COBRA when changing or in between jobs
  • Waiting for your permanent or employer plan to take affect
  • You are in college or recently graduated
  • You have a seasonal job
  • You will be age 65 soon and qualify for Medicare

QuoteBroker Insurance Services offers temporary health insurance and short term health insurance coverage plans to meet your needs. This valuable coverage offers temporary health insurance between jobs and will protect you from an unexpected illness or accident. These plans are not intended to cover routine exams or preventative care. Short term health insurance plans are also exempt from HIPAA. This means that you do not have certain rights including:

  • No guarantee issue
  • No guarantee renewal

A short term health insurance plan is often easier to qualify for as there will be a few “gatekeeper questions” and can be purchased for a fixed number of days or months. Some plans require you’re your full payment be made in advance of receiving coverage. Compare the costs between a permanent insurance plan and a short term insurance plan. If you have a fully underwritten individual plan you can cancel it at any time and will likely provide better benefits.

Short term health insurance quotes are available online (instant link)


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