President Obama allows individuals to keep their insurance plans through 2014

November 14, 2013– This morning, President Obama made an important announcement allowing individuals to keep their current healthcare policy in 2014, even if they do not meet the Affordable Care Act standards of coverage.

The bigger issue is how California will respond.  The State of California DOI Commissioner, California Exchange (Covered California) and Companies offering coverage will need to decide whether or not to follow Washington’s lead and if so, how? The President’s announcement still gives leeway for the California Insurance Commissioner and Insurance Carriers option to reinstate older policies or not. Additionally Aetna and United Healthcare have already decided that they will exit the individual marketplace 2014, a decision that will not be rescinded.

At this time Open Enrollment continues. You can select a new private health plan or coverage offered through the California State Exchange – Covered California, with or without a subsidy.  Open enrollment means that you can apply for coverage without being turned down or charged extra. The “Obamacare Subsidy” is also still available to help help pay your increased premium cost – if you qualify. We have created a link for you to pre-qualify for your potential subsidy amount and expert plan advice to guide you through the new healthcare maze that seems to change daily.

Are you confused yet? If so you are not alone. More changes will certainly come as each State responds to the Presidents morning message. Our office employs experts in the Affordable Care Act law and we are Covered California Exchange Certified. We can help you and your families navigate through this ever changing law by simply calling (800) 783-0802.