Directors / Officers Liability InsuranceAt Quotebroker, the lifeblood of our agency is our business partners.  Whether you’re a Property and Casualty Agent, PEO, Captive Agent, a Supplemental Benefits Specialist or Life and Health Agent, QuoteBroker has an insurance partnership program for you.  These programs are designed to increase your bottom line without increasing your workload.  Partnering with Quotebroker on projects ancillary to your main business allows you to focus on continuing the success that got you where you are today, while opening additional revenue streams and increasing your retention. If you’re not offering a particular product or service that your client is interested in, that’s one more relationship outside of your control that the client is engaged in, and many times that person is also offering your main line of business. It’s only a matter of time before they ask to replace you.  Quotebroker’s partnership programs allow you to always answer an emphatic “yes” anytime a client of yours asks “Do you also do X insurance?” Never say no again!

Whether you are in competition against another agent  or want to better service your key business accounts, we can help you look good. We can operate as your face to face or discrete behind the scene partner. It’s always your customer.

We also offer insurance and employee benefit consulting services to C.P.A.’s seeking a “second opinion” for his/her clients to make sure that your client is receiving the best Healthcare Reform advice and complying with all state and federal laws.

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