CoveredCA ‘s Obamacare Open Enrollment is LIVE tomorrow, 10/1/2013

That’s right, Obamacare goes LIVE tomorrow morning, October 1, 2013 through Open Enrollment via CoveredCA, the California state health exchange. Here’s a quick checklist for you

  • There’s still time to pre-register your information so you receive a quote before those who haven’t
  • While Open enrollment starts 10/1/2013, your plan will start 1/1/2014. DO NOT CANCEL your current plan.
  • You can still enroll in plans with a 2013 effective date to get covered ASAP, direct through the same carriers outside of CoveredCA.
  • If you have an individual plan in California right now that is NOT grandfathered, there’s a very strong chance that plan expires in December, and you need to take action now via the steps outlined here.
  • Obamacare Open Enrollment for a 1/1/14 effective date will end mid-December, but will be back January through March of 2014
  • Due to high demand, phones may be busy- email us for same day service or visit the website and blog for further information.¬†
  • Prefer the info by phone? Simply dial 866-SUBSIDY