CoveredCA provider directory still not available

CoveredCA, the California state based health exchange, opened it’s doors earlier this week to much fanfare- and deservedly so. It’s the first time all California citizens have been able to access healthcare regardless of pre-existing medical conditions, and CoveredCA is the conduit for access.  However, three days in and there are still many questions to be answered by the state agency before a complete and accurate enrollment can take place. Chief of these questions is “Who are the providers available through CoveredCA?”

While CoveredCA’s shop and compare tool went live on October 1 along with the rest of the site, the Provider Directory is still unavailable. The Provider Directory is the tool used to match doctors with plans so that prospective members may know if their doctors accept a health insurance plan they are interested in.  It also allows prospective members without a current doctor to search available local providers to see who is available to treat them in their area.  This tool is not just a bonus to California residents who want to enroll in healthcare, it’s absolutely essential.

CoveredCA has acknowledged the Provider Directory’s absence, and stated that there will be more information released on the subject Monday, October 7, 2013.

Quotebroker will provide updates on the status of the CoveredCA Provider Directory as they become available. For immediate assistance from a licensed, certified insurance agent without the wait or the phone tree, visit or call 866-SUBSIDY