CoveredCA rates set to rise an average of 13.2% in 2017

We knew this day was coming. Every year sometime between your fourth of July BBQ and your Labor Day BBQ, CoveredCA releases the upcoming year’s new plan and rate information for carriers participating on their exchange.  Every year since its inception, CoveredCA’s detractors have promised “sky-high” rate increases, but thus far the actual changes have been fairly mild at 4% each year.  That ends today:... Read Article

CoveredCA releases new health insurance plan rates for 2016 Open Enrollment period

CoveredCA, California’s state-based health insurance exchange, has today released their 2016 rates and carriers.  We’re still poring over the details but here are a few quick reactions: Two new carriers will enter the market- UnitedHealthcare and Oscar Health The weighted rate increase is a moderate 4% 2016 increases are less than the corresponding increases for 2015 Plan benefits have been reduced in many facets of coverage... Read Article