Stuck without insurance? Consider a short-term policy

If you’ve been following this space, you know that Open Enrollment for 2016 has officially closed. Yes, we’re only 2+ months in to 2016, but you can no longer sign up for an individual health insurance policy with an effective date anytime in 2016. The final day to enroll was January 31st. While you can still sign up in some circumstances, chances are you are... Read Article

CoveredCA 2016 Standard Benefit Grid at a glance

In anticipation of 2016’s health insurance Open Enrollment season, here is the CoveredCA 2016 Benefit Grid showing the differences between the various plans offered.  Some quick notes on how to read these benefits: The first 2 plans (Bronze, Silver) and the last 2 plans (Gold,Platinum) are going to be the plans applicable to the majority of people Only those earning within certain income limits have access to the... Read Article

Obamacare Open Enrollment Made Easy

Many think Obamacare is complicated. Let’s keep this simple: 866-SUBSIDY That’s all you’ll need to enroll. Or if you just want to ask Obamacare-related questions. Or non- Obamacare related questions. Call the number, speak with a real live human.  It’s that simple. We’ll make it easy for you.... Read Article

CoveredCA is live! Open Enrollment starts today!

CoveredCA, California’s state based health exchange, is LIVE today! Despite last night’s government shutdown, Obamacare is live! Here’s how you can check eligibility and sign up for benefits today: -call: 800-783-0802 x 707 -email: -facebook: Quotebroker Insurance Services – Twitter: @Quotebroker Or just reply directly to this blog post. Ask anything you want via any media you’d like. We’re happy to assist in any... Read Article

CoveredCA ‘s Obamacare Open Enrollment is LIVE tomorrow, 10/1/2013

That’s right, Obamacare goes LIVE tomorrow morning, October 1, 2013 through Open Enrollment via CoveredCA, the California state health exchange. Here’s a quick checklist for you There’s still time to pre-register your information so you receive a quote before those who haven’t While Open enrollment starts 10/1/2013, your plan will start 1/1/2014. DO NOT CANCEL your current plan. You can still enroll in plans with... Read Article