Anthem Blue Cross (all but) pulling out of California

      The lead was certainly the 12.5% average rate increase for CoveredCA health plan holders, but the more shocking revelation from the CoveredCA press release this morning was the announcement that Anthem will withdraw from 16 of 19 regions in California. The 3 remaining regions are 1, 7 and 10, the counties belonging to which can be found here.  Region 1 includes the... Read Article

CoveredCA rates set to rise an average of 13.2% in 2017

We knew this day was coming. Every year sometime between your fourth of July BBQ and your Labor Day BBQ, CoveredCA releases the upcoming year’s new plan and rate information for carriers participating on their exchange.  Every year since its inception, CoveredCA’s detractors have promised “sky-high” rate increases, but thus far the actual changes have been fairly mild at 4% each year.  That ends today:... Read Article

Behind on filing your taxes? You may be losing your CoveredCA financial assistance

Do you hate doing your taxes? Do you and your accountant put them off as long as possible? You are about to get a lot more motivated to get them done as soon as possible. CoveredCA has identified thousands of covered individuals who are at risk of losing their premium assistance on April 1 due to not filing their taxes in time. The good news?... Read Article

Filing your tax returns just got a little more annoying: How to prove you don’t owe an ACA penalty

Winter is almost over and that means three things: Looking forward to that first day you can wake up and ignore your parka as you leave the house Pitchers and catchers are reporting It’s time to do your taxes As if that last point wasn’t annoying enough, recent Affordable Care Act regulations have made filing your taxes even more complicated. Luckily without even knowing it... Read Article

CoveredCA 2016 Standard Benefit Grid at a glance

In anticipation of 2016’s health insurance Open Enrollment season, here is the CoveredCA 2016 Benefit Grid showing the differences between the various plans offered.  Some quick notes on how to read these benefits: The first 2 plans (Bronze, Silver) and the last 2 plans (Gold,Platinum) are going to be the plans applicable to the majority of people Only those earning within certain income limits have access to the... Read Article