Anthem Blue Cross releases website to help members understand health care reform

Anthem Blue Cross, one of California’s largest insurance carriers for the Individual and Family Plan (IFP) market, today sent their members their inaugural newsletter, entitled “Inside My Plan.”  Inside this newsletter is a link to their site . is Anthem’s resource to dissemination health care reform and Affordable Care Act information, detailing the timeline for implementation of the Affordable Care Act, what health care reform means to you, and a comprehensive list of reform laws.   What we found particularly interesting was their decision tree, which allows the user to answer 3 basic questions about themselves, after which Anthem generates a personalized page describing how health care reform applies to you specifically.

At Quotebroker, we think it’s extremely important to educate yourself on the coming Affordable Care Act.  It’s great to have another resource on healthcare reform, especially from one of California’s leading health insurance carriers.  Add them to your list of trusted resources, along with:

  • – the official government Affordable Care Act site.  Great for authoritative news straight from the horse’s mouth.
  • – the Kaiser Family Foundation’s health care reform site. Not to be confused with Kaiser Permanente the health carrier, the Kaiser Family Foundation is an excellent resource for those who want simple, basic explanations of the complex law
  • Your broker’s office – While the large national sites are great, they can be difficult to manage alone.  Nothing replaces the personal touch of your health insurance broker.  Let a qualified, licensed professional do the work for you.  Quotebroker currently represents individuals in California , Arizona, Nevada and Texas, but we’d be happy to refer you to a trusted professional if you’re outside of our service area.