Anthem Blue Cross hacked- 80 million subscribers potentially at risk of identity theft

Anthem Inc., the nation’s second-largest insurer, say they were the target of a “very sophisticated external cyber attack” on Wednesday evening. As many as 80 million individuals may have had their information compromised. Anthem has established a website for those affected- – complete with an FAQ explaining everything they currently know. According to them, credit card numbers and bank account information were not among the data breached. However, names, dates, social security numbers and addresses were compromised.

This is yet another hacking in a string of many among large corporations, including Target, Sony, and Home Depot just to name a few. This great chart, courtesy of, illustrates just how many household name corporations have experienced a data breach since 2004. Each one of these represents a risk to your identity beyond the norm.

With seemingly no company too big to defend against such an attack, it’s more important than ever to take identity theft protection into your own hands. Whether you take steps personally to do so or purchase an identity theft protection plan like this one from LegalShield, the important thing is to take proactive steps to monitor activity on your credit reports. For a few bucks a month, I let LegalShield do the work. Not only do they monitor my report proactively, but they’ll also work to restore my identity in the event of a breach. They even go so far as to dedicate a licensed investigator from one of the world’s leading risk consultancy to your case to ensure that everything possible is done to restore your identity to pre-breach status.

Neither Anthem nor the FBI currently has information on the identity of the hackers, but promise they are working together to gather more information.  They state affected members will receive information via mail “in the coming weeks.”