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What you need to know about Accident Insurance

Auto InsuranceAccidents don’t always happen at home. Whether you are on vacation, away at college or on the soccer field, you can have an accident. Accident insurance works differently than health insurance plans. Most accident policies supplement your current health insurance by providing a lump sum cash benefit after experiencing any covered accident as outlined in your insurance policy.

Being able to predict when an accident will occur would help you avoid injury but since that isn’t possible being prepared to handle the emergency is the next best thing. That’s why accident insurance plans make sense. 

Most accident insurance plans provide you protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This medical insurance policy is normally available to anyone and does not require medical underwriting.

The lump sum cash benefit can often be used to pay for medical expenses or your health insurance deductibles and co-payments. Additionally accident insurance provides you with these additional benefits:

  • Payment for medical treatment after an accident
  • Accidental Death  and Dismemberment Benefit
  • Specialty products for Sports Injuries
  • Individual and Group Accident Policies available
  • Payment for worldwide emergency air ambulance expenses
  • Personal selection of the doctor or hospital
  • Benefits that are paid directly to you

Accident insurance usually has a payment schedule based on specific type accidents or dismemberments. It is important to remember that accident insurance policies are not designed to replace traditional health insurance or disability insurance policies.

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