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Losing your coverage? Your deadline to get a new plan is earlier than you think.

As we march through the dog days of summer, our office has been processing a lot of Special Enrollment health insurance applications lately. Whereas anyone can apply in November through February’s Open Enrollment, Special Enrollment is limited to those with a Qualifying Event.  These are things like marriage, divorce, birth, returning to the US from abroad, or losing your existing coverage, among others. While you... Read Article

Seniors Shocked at being Automatically Enrolled Health Plans They Never Chose – Exact Steps to Keep this from Happening to You

Signing up for Medicare is complicated.  As you approach your 65th birthday, you’re bombarded with mail and phone calls from insurers, each touting their own litany of Medicare plan options. Should I sign up for Plan A or F? Do I need Part B? Is there a difference between Plan A and Part A?  Even if you’re an informed consumer who has taken the time to... Read Article

The Million Dollar Mistake your company makes…EVERY YEAR

Fourth quarter seems to come quicker and quicker every year. Somewhere in the middle of it, you receive your employee benefits renewal package, usually accompanied by a nice big rate increase.  Your carrier says this change is “necessary” because of “the rising cost of health care” or “demographic changes in your area” or “new claims experience.”   This obviously doesn’t sit well. You call your... Read Article

CoveredCA rates set to rise an average of 13.2% in 2017

We knew this day was coming. Every year sometime between your fourth of July BBQ and your Labor Day BBQ, CoveredCA releases the upcoming year’s new plan and rate information for carriers participating on their exchange.  Every year since its inception, CoveredCA’s detractors have promised “sky-high” rate increases, but thus far the actual changes have been fairly mild at 4% each year.  That ends today:... Read Article

New California “Death with Dignity” Law presents complications in life insurance industry

Much of the discussion about California’s “Death with Dignity” law, officially the End of Life Option Act (Assembly Bill X2-15[Eggman]) has been about whether or not a person of sound mind with a terminal illness should have the right to accelerate the process and receive aid-in-dying medication. California has settled this discussion from a legal perspective by passing X2-15 but the lingering question in the... Read Article