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CoveredCA announces plans, rates and carriers for 2015 health insurance exchange

Late last week CoveredCA, California’s state-based health insurance exchange, announced its 2015 rate increase and carriers via press release on their homepage.  You as the consumer likely have many questions. Is my health insurance rate increasing? Are we getting any new carriers on the CoveredCA exchange? In short, not much will change in 2015. First, the carriers. In 2015, the carriers that will be offered... Read Article

California governor signs legislation allowing small groups to keep health benefits through 2015

California businesses with small group health insurance got some good news last week when Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 1446 into law. The legislation allows so-called “grandmothered plans”- plans from before the 2014 ACA changeover that are not ACA compliant but were allowed to be kept anyway- to be renewed for another year and kept through 2015. This is a win for small business owners... Read Article

California COBRA recipients now eligible for CoveredCA individual health insurance during short-term Special Enrollment Period

April 15th, 2014 marked the end of the first round of open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act.  However, if you are still in the market for health insurance, you may not be out of luck. CoveredCA, the California state-based health insurance exchange, recently announced that they would extend a one-time Special Enrollment Period to those individuals who are still on COBRA coverage.  COBRA coverage... Read Article

“It’s harder to…

“It’s harder to rehab your house while you’re still living in it”: How the state that inspired Obamacare failed to implement Obamacare When the Affordable Care Act’s various exchanges opened for business in late 2013, millions flocked to take advantage of these new health insurance platforms. But for one state, this was old news.  Massachusetts had long before implemented their own version of healthcare reform-... Read Article

Obamacare enrollment numbers are in- but what do they mean?

Obamacare enrollment numbers are in- but what do they mean? The Obama administration has released a report detailing the enrollment numbers from the first enrollment period.  Note that these numbers are still incomplete, as final enrollments were still trickling in from the two week grace period given to consumers who had difficulty enrolling before March 31, 2014.  The big number that has been bandied about... Read Article