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Health Care Flexible Savings Accounts 2013 Limits

Effective date: Jan. 1, 2013 – Flexible Spending Account Limits: Contributions to health care flexible spending accounts to cover medical expenses will be capped at $2,500 per year, but could go up based on cost-of-living adjustments. Currently there is no legal limit, but there is a use-it-or-lose-it rule for contributed funds. When Healthcare Reform becomes confusing you should rely on a qualified independent brokerage firm to... Read Article

California Health Insurance Exchange

Affordable Insurance Exchanges Affordable Insurance Exchanges are designed to make buying health coverage easier and more affordable. Starting in 2014, Exchanges will allow individuals and small businesses to compare health plans, get answers to questions, find out if they are eligible for tax credits for private insurance or health programs like the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and enroll in a health plan that meets... Read Article

Shopping for “Child-Only” Health Insurance

Before shopping for a medical plan for your child, you need to know more about Children’s health insurance policies and when is the best time to purchase. As of Sept. 23, 2010, insurance companies that sell “child-only” health plans — as well as individually purchased family plans that cover dependents — cannot deny coverage to anyone under the age of 19 because of a health condition.... Read Article

California Health Insurance Changes Scheduled for July 1, 2012

As a result of regulatory changes, insurance companies are implementing maternity coverage and autism benefits for Individuals, Families and the Self-Employed in California. The new benefits, which take effect July 1, 2012. Overview of the benefits: • Maternity – On July 1, 2012, health insurers in California will be required to include maternity benefits in individual health insurance policies. Maternity will be covered the same as any... Read Article

California Homeowner & Umbrella Insurance

Purchasing enough Homeowners Insurance is essential since in the event of a total loss you want to receive an adequate coverage to rebuild your house and replace its contents and protect yourself in case someone gets injured on your property and sues you. The amount of coverage you need is largely based on your location, the number of rooms in your house, the size of... Read Article